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  • What to Eat and Drink in Frome

    May 13 2024

    Following last week's post offering the most unforgettable places to stay in and around Frome for a spring weekend or mid-week break, I ...

  • Unforgettable stays in Frome

    Apr 27 2024

    These days Frome is trending hot on social media as well as in the national papers. It's no surprise. With a thriving art scene, pictures...

  • How to keep your candle glowing

    Feb 19 2024

    We all enjoy beautiful scents and there are so many reasons to light a candle: relaxation, romance, burnt make sure they alwa...

  • Slow-ary

    Jan 20 2024

    Slow down January... For too many years January has been considered the perfect month to start new habits, set new goals and generally h...

  • Festive Wishes

    Dec 24 2023

    It is Christmas Eve and the magic is in the air. Shopping is done, mince pies are in the oven, kids are getting excited about the wrapped...