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A Romantic Meal for Two this Valentines

Posted on January 25 2019

* A Romantic Meal for Two this Valentines *

We believe its important to celebrate your love every single day, love is in the small things like making your partner a cup of tea, however, if you wanted to make an extra special effort this Valentines Day then we are here to help!

Our wonderful window has had a romantic makeover and is now full of sensual silk garments, photo frame keepsakes, luscious smelling candles, striking jewellery and cards that put into words that feeling of love....


Seed window display

It really is a beautiful display, so please pop in to take a look and say hi!

We also wanted to spread the love by helping you celebrate this Valentines Day with our guide to a romantic candle lit dinner for two . . . . .

Step 1 : Start by preparing a spicy, hearty casserole to warm the heart and soul. We recommend this lentil and root vegetables casserole, a tasty recipe from the BBC good food website, here. (This receipt is for 4 so you will need to half it or it will make enough for left overs!)

Step 2 : We love olives and think they make a great little appetiser, the Greeks even believed them to be aphrodisiacs. A perfect way to start the evening. Step 3 : Lay the table. This is where you can really set the mood, eating by candle light is truly romantic so turn out the lights and fill the room with candles! All you have left to do is put on some of your favourite music, dish up the casserole and enjoy each others company. Happy eating xxx