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The First Nudes & Nibbles Life Drawing Class

Posted on February 25 2020

The First Nudes & Nibbles Life Drawing Class

What a wonderful evening of nudes and nibbles here at SEED!

Our first life drawing class ran by Rhiannon from the supper club The Vegnibbles kicked off with some delicious Mediterranean mezze. It was a great way to relax into the class, chatting and eating, getting to know people as they arrived. 


Once everyone was here and had sampled all the food we picked up our drawing boards and chose from a selection of drawing materials before settling into our seats that had been arranged around the edge of the room. Rhiannon introduced us to the amazing Renee who was our life model for the evening and then talked us through a few tips and tricks to life drawing for those of us who were a little rusty with this art form!









We started with a few very quick 1 minute poses which was a lovely way to get straight into it, you didn’t have too much time to worry or fret over your choice of marks as before you knew it, it was time to draw the next pose. As the evening progressed the drawing times slowly increased in length allowing us to get a little more in depth each time. We also had a break half way for some more food, to discuss our progress and a few more drawing tips.

This was the perfect class for beginners or experienced drawer, a fun relaxed atmosphere and great people. This is going to be a monthly life drawing class here at Seed and we are already looking forward to the next class in March. If you are interested in joining us for the next one please book here – Nudes & Nibbles

Top illustration by @callumjsp