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Lino Printing Workshop- Mother's Day Cards

Posted on April 17 2019

Lino Printing Workshop Frome

‘ What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning!’ We all agreed. 


Led by the talented Tonia , today was the first of SEED’s workshops- Lino printing Mother’s day cards. Held in the beautiful upstairs space at SEED, ( normally home to the womenswear collections) we learnt and mastered, if I do say so myself, the art of Lino printing. 

Tonia started the session by introducing us to her own Work, inspiring us with her sketchbook and intricate lino examples.


We casually drank coffee and ate biscuits, served to us by Sinead (owner of SEED), whilst drawing and tracing our chosen designs on to the Lino. We were able to hear the live music through the windows overlooking Catherine hill and it created the perfect atmosphere. 


We were then introduced to the tools! Tonia gave us all a test piece so we could get to know the blades and by the end we were all discussing our favourites. 


Then came the time to be brave.. to start the cutting ! The room quietened as we all  concentrated and became absorbed in the details of our individual pieces.

Once we finished carving, Tonia introduced us to the array of paints and we started to test our designs, perfecting the lines where necessary. Then *drumroll* it was finally time to print our Mother’s Day cards. 

It really was a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning in Frome! We all left happy with our cards, having added a new skill to our CV and we even arranged a group mantelpiece photo to show off our creations. It’s amazing what you can learn in a few hours, whilst drinking coffee and meeting likeminded others. 

Thank you Sinead and Tonia. I will definitely check out the upcoming workshops and be back to learn more! 

Fiona x