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This autumn make your fashion choices sustainable

Posted on October 09 2023

This autumn make your fashion choices sustainable

Isn't this time of year beautiful?

Leaves are turning into zillion shades of orange covering the ground, satisfyingly crunching under our feet as we go on walking through fields, forests and parks collecting conkers and memories on our way.

It's always an exciting time for fashion, autumn, to get dressed properly again after a summer of birkies and shorts. It's finally just chilly enough to layer up in cosy knits and midi dresses but still warm enough to forgo the heavy coat.


Love this colourblock vest from LF Markey, it would be perfect layered with a long sleeved tee or roll neck.



Cute dresses with tights and clogs are perfect for any kind of date, just add a layer to keep the chill away...




Vivienne Westwood famously said: "Buy less, choose well, make it last." At Seed we try to live by these wise words and invest in forever pieces that are versatile enough to work hard in our wardrobe for years to come. All of the clothes in our shop are made ethically in small boutique factories that provide safe and fair working conditions and use sustainable, organic and recycled fabrics as much as possible.



This new collection of garments can be worn mixed and layered now, then just throw on a mac in the coming months and later, in the bitter winter, add a warm coat and a scarf.


 Seed x