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The New Daydream Collection by Sid Dickens

Posted on January 28 2020

The New Daydream Collection by Sid Dickens

For those of you that are new to Sid Dickens work, these small plaster artworks, which he calls 'Memory Blocks' are all hand painted and feature iconography reminiscent of ancient relics and natural beauty. 

A collectors dream, a few collections are produced every year with a limited run, each with a new inspiring theme.

This years "Spring 2020 Collection witnesses the renewal and awakening of nature. It revels in the optimism of the season with the familiar sights, sounds, and scents.

Revived by the warmth of the sun, the landscape sheds its blanket of snow. Hellebores emerge from the soil and stretch from their long slumber. Camellias and May bells express their delight to the warming world with vibrant colours and fresh smells. The creatures follow, emerging from the waters, nests, and hollows, as they greet the new season. Finches sing a carefree song from the branches above, while baritone frogs croak from the ponds below. In the revitalizing Spring air, a ballet commences. Butterflies delicately flutter on painted wings and dragonflies dart by in shimmering streaks of colour. Stirred by nature’s performance, a reverie pervades the mind of an observer. A vision of the purest garden where a three-petalled flower blooms into a virtuous trinity. Its vivid beauty is a natural wonder, inspiring a belief that a sacred power lies within all life.

As the flora and fauna of Spring awakens, an uplifting atmosphere is created for all to enjoy. Fresh and rejuvenated, nature awaits the journey ahead. "

We are unable to sell these Memory Blocks online but if you live in the Somerset area please come and visit us and our dedicated Sid Dickens Gallery Room. We have a huge collection on constant rotation and this collection available to view from mid March 2020.

If you can't make it to the gallery, take a look at the wonderful new collection below and do get in touch if you would like to purchase any. - Contact - 

Or view our entire Sid Dickens Collection here - Sid Dickens Collection -

May Bells T500

May Bells T500 - " The sweet fragrance is pure and elegant, simple and unadorned"

Hellebores T501

Hellebores T501 - "Arising from the white snowscape, rarest beauty, strong and undaunted"

Endless Gift T502

Endless Gift T502 - "Revealing an eternity in a moment's glance, sweet radiance of passion and devotion."

Dragonfly T503

Dragonfly T503 - "You are my guide to the mystery; my whisper of wonders between reality and reverie"

Royal Fleur T504

Royal Fleur T504 - "Nature and architecture unite, A trinity of virtue born from a flower."

Sweet Beauty T505

Sweet Beauty T505 - "Share your carefree song, infuse every soul with your joyful serenade."

Sir Frog T506

Sir Frog T506 - "Bowlegged bachelor is eager to please, bouquet in hand, he awaits his true love's kiss."

Flutter T507 - "Unfurl your graceful painted wings, begin an exquisite journey to freedom."


Believe T508 - "Hold dear, the dreams and wonders; the power to make them true lies within you."