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Posted on January 20 2024


Slow down January...

For too many years January has been considered the perfect month to start new habits, set new goals and generally have a motivated start to the year. It has never been an easy task.

It somehow feels unnatural to start becoming active when nature around us slows down and hibernates. It should be the time to cosy up with warming dishes.

(Anna Boss: Marshland)

I propose (and I'm not the only one) a slower January. A Slow-ary I suppose. A time when we honour ourselves as part of nature and take it easy. When we take time to reflect on the year past, make some plans for the one ahead and refill our cups so we will have energy to restart again when nature wakes in the spring full of new possibilities.

Lean into hibernation mode, light a scented candle, put on relaxing music or a meditation podcast and sink into the bath or into your yoga mat...


Try to make time for some reflection: what brings you joy, what would you like to carry on into the new year, what are the things that are no longer serving you and you need to shed. Create a list, a scrapbook even, of what you would like to fill your life with, be it people, activities or dreams...

Introduce some gentle yoga or stretching into your day it doesn't have to be anything super vigorous, just enough to wake your body and smooth the stress away.

You could try centring your mind with meditation and conscious breathing. A very simple way to slow down and find calm is to drink a hot drink, one sip at the time and focusing on the sensation and the ritual of drinking. Holding the warm cup in two hands also serves as a way to keep you present and rooted in the moment. 

Whatever you end up doing, give yourself permission to slow down...
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