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Sid Dickens Enchanted Wood Collection- Fall 2020

Posted on July 21 2020

Sid Dickens Enchanted Wood Collection- Fall 2020

Exciting news Sid Dickens has released a wonderful new collection...

The Enchanted Woods Collection invites us to cast our gaze upwards and take in the beauty of the heavens. This collection fills our eyes with the wonders of the skies and the rich foliage framing them. 

Grassy hedgerows bow down, laden with plump russet fruits exuding Perfection. Filigree and foliage unite in the Maple Leaf, while garlands of Fragrant flowers show that nature’s beauty cannot be surpassed. Sunset Roses express their love from the earth, as ancient trees flow towards the sky, reminding us of the primordial connection between heaven and earth. A wise owl sits in silence, holding the key to unlock knowledge. Angelic wings carry us through this pastoral scene, offering protection and certitude. Through appreciating the simplicity in nature’s resplendence, we realise what matters. Feeling Blessed is a result of living harmoniously and finding beauty in our surroundings. 

If there are any blocks you would like to pre-order, please email me including the title and code from any of the new collection or current blocks.  


Sinead x