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Tide Hoop Earrings, Silver


Tide: the flow of the sea’s water as it rises and falls by the pull of the sun & the moon. Change is ever present and the ebb and flow of the tide reminds us to trust the process and go with the flow. 

The perfect everyday earring to elevate your look, a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

Our 3/4 design is finished with a stud and butterfly back making it a super easy and comfortable hoop earring. 

Available in 3 sizes

Care: For all jewellery we recommend avoiding contact with water, particularly chlorinated water or any lotions and potions that may contain harsh chemicals. When not wearing keep in a protective box to avoid any knocks or scratches.
Please Note: The finishes on plated and oxidised jewellery will wear away over time.

Width, approx 2 mm
Hoop Size, 
- Mini: 12 mm
- Midi: 20mm
- Maxi: 30mm

Sterling Silver