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Sid Dickens

The Messenger T364 - Sid Dickens Memory Block


'From a faraway place, You touch my soul and I am forever changed.' These poetic words are detailed on the back of this Sid Dickens Memory Block.

Not only miraculous, dragonflies are amazingly resilient. Millions of years before the age of dinosaurs, giant dragonflies navigated the world, their fossils showing a wingspan of over two feet. Their vision is incredible, owing to huge, complex eyes able to see in all directions. For all of these special qualities, sometimes dragonflies seem so strange that they must be visitors from another world. When a dragonfly appears, it brings an uplifting message of triumph and change. The weightless ease with which it flies shows a way to move through life with beauty and grace, facing challenges head-on. Any direction you put your mind to, you can freely move toward with the power inside you. Just like these resilient creatures, you were designed to survive. Let the iridescent colours of its wings spark your own creativity. You are always moving, ready for change. The dragonfly can seem to appear from out of nowhere, and similarly vanish into thin air. Some see its appearance as a greeting from a loved one who has passed on, reaching out from another realm. When this beautiful messenger appears to you, see the same power within you to live this day through fully, and to fly with incredible joy. 


6 x 8"