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Palo Santo Stick Bundle


Palo Santo can be burned to purifying your home, it is said to enhance creativity and bring good fortune. Traditionally said to be used for the relief of common colds and flu, stress, asthma, headaches, depression, anxiety and inflammation, Palo Santo is also commonly used for calming the immune and nervous symptoms, aiding fast recovery from ailments and illnesses. 

("holy wood") is a tree that inhabits Central and South America.  The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense and myrrh. It is widely used in folk medicine by indigenous shaman to cure many diseases; this is the reason why the Spanish settlers called the tree “Santo". Palo Santo is burned to cleanse and purify a space and to fill it with good energy. 

- One 30g bundle, includes 2-3 sticks
(each stick is of varying thickness and weight).


How to Light Palo Santo
Light the tip till it has caught the flame, then waft the flame out, like a usual incense stick and let it smoke as it gently burns down. Light it again if it goes out.

Cleansing the Home with Palo Santo
  • Take one stick and light it with a candle, match or lighter
  • Allow the Palo Santo stick to burn for 30 seconds to a minute, then carefully blow it out
  • Move around the space in which you wish to clear the energy - be it your bedroom, office or your entire home - allowing the smoke to waft around each area
  • As you take the Palo Santo stick into the corners of each room or space you are cleansing, say aloud: "ask that the plant spirit of Palo Santo please infuse this space with blessings”
  • A rich smell will fill the air, bringing peace and clarity to the moment
  • Once you feel you have cleansed your space, place the Palo Santo stick in a fireproof bowl and allow the embers to burn out
  • Remember to always exercise care and caution when working with fire