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Honor Jolliffe

'Mushrooms' by Honor Jolliffe


Honor Jolliffe is an artist whoes work is about finding form, pattern and a harmony of colour, enjoying portraiture and landscape but return again and again to still life. Working on linen panels, prepared by hand using fifteenth century techniques; mixing her own size, gesso, primer and ground, the resulting paintings are unparalleled in their beauty. An oil painter for 15 years she has worked in both the UK and the Americas but now works from her studio in Mells, Somerset. 

" I love the relationships and quiet conversations that can be built from the everyday objects that are part of our domestic lives. As a mother, cook and homemaker, these are literally the stuff of my days and I enjoy using them to create quiet moments of grace, pleasure and memory. " - Honor Jolliffe

Medium: Oil on panel, framed

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm