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Sid Dickens

Hibiscus T345 - Sid Dickens Memory Block


'Delicate beauty, Blooming with the warmth of a tropical sunset. Let your passion shine'. Sid's poetic words are detailed on the back of the Memory Block.

For Spring 2015 Collection "Renewal" : In spring, the world is freshly imagined. Opportunities for change, growth, and new life emerge. This season can be started with optimism; a chance to take note of and enjoy the sensual pleasures of nature, while surrounded by loved ones. This collection also sees a renewal of Sid's past works: After many years of light "bisque" stain, he revisits the darker stain used in his first set of Memory Blocks, as well as the highly collectible "blonde" tiles (white plaster with no added paint). Sid's now-signature Iron Finish appears on four tiles, with the subtle addition of a platinum finish added to the iron; new to this collection.