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Deirdre Burke

'Foxglove' Framed Oil Painting


'Foxglove' is a framed oil painting by Deirdre Burke full of lush greens. 

Painting: 15 x 46 cm
Framed: 20 x 50 cm

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Deirdre Burke is a painter and printmaker. Her work tends to revolve around fractured states either in memory or real time situations, bringing the viewer through a visual dialogue in a parodic, playful, satiric and challenging manner.
She works with a wide range of materials, and leans heavily on eco friendly practice, using non toxic inks and handmade papers. Her focus in the last three years has been on eco political situations. In her multi disciplinary work she tries to bring an awareness to habitats and the functionality of natural structures which are mostly hidden in plain sight.