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Martine Baldwin

'Estuary 11' Intaglio and Woodcut


'Estuary 11' is beautiful framed print using Intaglio and woodcut by Martine Baldwin.

Martine creates prints  using woodcut and Intaglio of littoral landscapes, taking particular inspiration from the grain of the wood in the image-making. 

Interested in the landscape as a natural space empty of human presence, a place where we are drawn to to escape everyday pressures of modern living and to find that space within ourselves. 

Martines intention is to create images that are meditative.

Woodcut is the oldest form of printmaking, it is a relief process where the design is cut out of the wood. 

The process of producing each print can involve cutting the image from usually two to three blocks of birch plywood or only one block which is called the reduction technique for this You begin by cutting away all areas of the image that you want to be white (or the same colour of the paper you are using to print onto).  This stage of the block will also provide the first colour (usually the palest) that you want for your image.  When you have printed the number that you require for the edition plus extra ones for proofing subsequent layers, you then cut away all areas of the image on the block that you want to remain the first colour, but leaving any areas that you may want to overlap with your second colour.  To print the second and any subsequent colours you usually wait for the layer you have just printed to dry.  When you have printed the second layer you then cut away all areas of the image that you want to remain that colour so that you can print the third layer.  The process continues until you have printed the final darkest layer. Martine often use's found wood that has an enhanced grain caused by weathering to echo the natural textures of the exposed tidal landscape.   Sometimes she sandblast's the birch plywood to enhance the grain further. Each block is hand-printed onto Japanese paper using a bamboo baren. While it may take weeks to finish a print, the time allows her to explore layers of memory and connection to the landscape. 

Intaglio is a type of etching,  it is the opposite of a relief print where you print the lines that you cut . In this print Martine has used both printing techniques.

Martine is a member of Spike print studio and Bath Society of artists and has exhibited widely.

This print is framed in a beautiful white washed wooden frame .

Signed by the artist.


Print, 23cm x 16 cm

with frame; 43 cm x 38 cm


White washed wooden frame with Glass, Tosa Shi paper, Inks, Mount Board.