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David Parfitt

'Autumn Rhyne' Monoprint, Unframed


'Autumn Rhyne' is an unframed monoprint by David Parfitt RI.

Medium: Monoprint unframed

Dimensions:  29 x 34 cm

Image Size: 20 x 23 cm

David Parfitt is a landscape artist working with watercolours and monoprint. He was elected a member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours in 2011. 

Davids paintings are representational and his intention is to make things which have a sense of place without looking overly contrived or deliberate. David likes to work quickly, drawing seemingly haphazard marks with a brush, and combining these with loose washes without getting overly involved in the  detail. He thinks about the painting, trying to let it speak to him rather than purely replicating the image.

The monoprints are a totally different way of working to watercolour where removing colour allows him to concentrate on tone, extreme contrast and mark making. These elements are revealed in the wiping of ink from the plate and by marking and drawing on the plate itself. There is a mechanical process to it all which David finds therapeutic.