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Abigail Reed

'Tytherington At Dusk' Watercolour & Charcoal, Framed


'Tytherington at Dusk' is a beautiful, atmospheric painting in watercolour and charcoal by Abigail Reed.

Medium: Watercolour and charcoal, framed in a dark wooden frame.

Dimensions: 16 x 16.5 cm 

Abigail Reed is a Artist living and working in Frome, Somerset. She graduated with a degree in Fine Art Painting from University of Wales, Cardiff in 2004 and then spent 14 years in Bristol based at Jamaica Street Studios, Stokes Croft. She then relocated to Frome in 2019, has a studio at The Silk Mill studios alongside working in a local school.

Her drawings are a response to the the landscape that surrounds her. She walks daily at dawn or dusk. From the illuminated streets of town, down to the dark lanes where vast fields lay surrounded by thick woodland.

Although she trained to be a painter her practice has always been about drawing, from huge charcoal and ink works of beasts to fragile pastel moths and now, watercolour and charcoal landscapes. Paper and a drawing implement always has to be to hand. “I am drawn to the immediacy of drawing” she says, “I don’t want to be held back by process, when a drawing becomes overworked, it's lost. In that way it lends itself to the subject so well. Moments that pass us by quickly, like the glimpse of a moon or the sun whispering through a tree, I hope to capture a
piece of that fragility”.