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Melanie goemans

'A New Day' Framed Etching


'A New day' is a beautiful framed etching by Melanie Goemans.

Printed in oil based ink on 300gsm cotton rag paper: window mounted and framed in a simple oak frame; edition number 22 of 30; 2018.

Melanie is drawn to the incidental things we rush past and do not notice, to the unstudied natural world and everything else. Her etchings draw attention to the overlooked forms. She uses traditional materials to mark their significance.

‘At first glance, her etchings appear as simple and sparse as the Fenland landscapes that inspire them. Yet, there is a fierce reverence in Melanie’s work that belies the humble subject matter … giving these fleeting moments status and value.’ (Woodman, 2019)

 Signed by the artist


Print, 16cm x 22cm

with Frame; 33 cm x 43 cm

Materials;  Glazed in an oak frame with card and cotton rag paper with Ink and  silver leaf.