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Sid Dickens

Sea Maiden T621 - Sid Dickens Memory Block


"Guardian of the ocean,
Protector of life beneath its surface;
Tales of their wild beauty are legendary,
Forever told beyond the waves. " 

Sid Dickens’ new Avant-Garde Collection invokes both modern and traditional imagery. With its smooth lines and simple, geometric patterns, these designs give the illusion of sculptures carved from stone, contrasting the natural world with a manmade one.
The Avant-Garde Collection takes the organic, yet elegant, style of Art Deco and celebrates both Mother Nature and the achievements of humanity. With the sleek curves and strong, sculpted carvings, the story told by these collective designs showcases how these two worlds can coexist in perfect harmony.

The “Sea Maiden” of half woman, half fish form, are the subject of legendary tales telling of their beauty and power as guardians of the ocean.


6" x 8"