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Sid Dickens

Fortune T357 - Sid Dickens Memory Block


'Worship strength and kindness over gold. Luck smiles on every corner of the home.' These poetic words are detailed on the back of this Sid Dickens Memory Block.

For Fall 2015, Sid delves into his subconscious and unearths relics of this lost kingdom of the imagination. This collection is regal, yet understated. These eight new Memory Blocks are aged with a dark finish; cool-toned and rustic. The overall wintery-white pallet is coloured by the soft, romantic pastel of Roses and warm orange hues of Marigold. A lucky elephant brings Fortune to the home. We are reminded of the true definition of Gentlemen, and of the inborn right of Joy in our lives. Sid's signature hint of quirkiness is Wild One: an ode to the primal spirit of nature; a new twist on the ongoing skull imagery used in his work throughout the years. The refined simplicity of these designs make them versatile pieces to add to any existing Memory Block collection. 


6" x 8"