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Sid Dickens

Cherished T466 - Sid Dickens Memory Block


'Near or far, my dearest friend, you are always by my side.Sid Dickens poetic words are detailed on the back of the Memory Block.

This block forms part Sid Dickens' Transformation Collection, Spring 2019.  It captures the essence of the spring season where opportunities for change and growth emerge. Drawing from the same themes that inspire him every day, Sid's new collection is familiar yet unlike any other release seen before.

Detailed scenes of flora and fauna are sculpted with a gentleness that capture moments frozen in time: a unicorn, free and energised, showing its strength; birds at home in their natural habitats; blossoming daffodils and primroses making the first signs of spring, while messages of love and friendship round out the collection as a whole. The bright and fresh imagery encompassed in this collection gives us an uplifting outlook for what lies ahead for the rest of the year.


6" x 8"