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Charlotte Farmer

'Lucky Dip' Framed Screen Print


'Lucky Dip' is a framed screen print by illustrator Charlotte Farmer.

A handmade screen print of a (made up) vintage matchbox... featuring a trio of cheeky looking cats, they're definitely up to no good...but the fish look fairly feisty so maybe they'll bite back.

Printed onto beautiful gilt edged card (800gsm - which means it’s very very thick!) so it’s definitely an object to treasure.

The image is made up of 8 colours, each printed individually by hand :Framed in a white washed wooden frame.

Edition no: 4/ 75

Charlotte Farmer is a screen printer and illustrator with a love of colour and fine detail. Taking inspiration from collections of quirky objects, packaging, snow-globes, pottery figures, ice creams to tropical birds, animals and so much more! Her love of bright colours and unique illustration style means her work is iconic and a fun vibrant piece for any home. She lives and works in the city of Bath but makes frequent trips to Bristol for screen printing at Spike Print Studio.

"I love collections because of the way they bring together unexpected combinations of objects and characters." - Charlotte Farmer

*This is a framed print

- screen printed onto 800gsm card
- white wooden frame

- Frame Size: 40 x 32 x 2.5 cm