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Anna Harley

Catkins - Framed Screen Print


This Catkins is a one off Artist Proof, framed screen print by artists Anna Harley.

Anna Harley is a screen print artist working out of Spike Print Studio in Bristol. While the work she makes is rooted within the Landscape tradition, the fabric textures in her prints are an echo of her families Arts and Crafts background and nomadic childhood.

She use a combination of drawing, digital photography and objects directly exposed on the screen, to create the individual layers in her prints. She allows the print to make itself "print is an extremely process led way of making art and allowing the unexpected to happen and taking advantage of these happy accidents allows the work to stay fresh and exciting. I love the drama of proofing a print; when suddenly everything comes together with the final layer of ink and the print starts to sing."

- This is an Artist Proof, there for is a one off, unique piece. 

- Screen print on Somerset paper, printed to the deckle paper edge
- Frame, white wooden box frame. 

Print - 37cm x 38cm
Frame - 53 x 53 cm