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Annabet Wyndham

Three Shape Pendant Necklace


This necklace by Annabet Wyndham features three silver shapes, one arch shape made from silver wire, one solid silver piece with a textured surface and one half oval shape made from silver with a bright sky blur enamel finish.

A beautifully crafted piece that would add a touch of colour to your wardrobe. 

Please Note: Due to each piece being hand made and fired, each piece will have unique qualities and therefore may not be exactly the same as the photograph show

Care: For all jewellery we recommend avoiding contact with water, particularly chlorinated water or any lotions and potions that may contain harsh chemicals. When not wearing keep in a protective box to avoid any knocks or scratches.
Please Note: The finishes on plated and oxidised jewellery will wear away over time.

Pendanta approx - 3.5 x 2.5 cm
Chain - 16 or 18 inch
(a loop attachment allows this necklace to be worn at either length)

Silver pendants with enamel detail on a silver chain.