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Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: From Paper to Diamond

Posted on May 05 2017

Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: From Paper to Diamond
Each year of a wedding anniversary has a traditional material associated with it. But as these interesting and unusual anniversary presents demonstrate, you don't have to be conventional when you stick with tradition...

1 Year Wedding Anniversary: Paper

The first year , start as you mean to go on with an unusual and exciting gift. We have a range of amazing paper gifts from the Little Paper Company. The story of this Frome-based husband-and-wife company itself is as beautiful and interesting as their intricate paper products.  We recommend the Our House paper art house (pictured below) as the perfect paper wedding anniversary present. [caption id="attachment_1363" align="alignnone" width="800"]Our House Our house from the Little Paper Company[/caption]

3 Year Wedding Anniversary: Leather

We often have a good selection of leather goods to celebrate a third - or leather - wedding anniversary. One of our favourite leather items is the lovely yet affordable Navy Leather purse, designed in Cambridge and a perfect gift for either the husband or wife. Why not splash out and buy one for each of them! [caption id="attachment_1371" align="alignright" width="300"]Wooden Letters Wooden Letters[/caption]

5 Year Wedding Anniversary: Wood

We have a good range of wooden products to celebrate a wooden wedding anniversary in SEED. Our wooden letters are a firm favourite; spell out initials, names or even LOVE or HOME or FIVE YEARS.If you're feeling exceptionally generous why not surprise the lucky couple with our favourite wooden item: the Cloche style table lamp. It's simple yet delightful.

7 Year Wedding Anniversary: Copper

Here at SEED we have the perfect gift for this tricky year ('seven year itch' and all that). Why not take some of their best wedding photos and present them in this stunning copper photo frame. It's personalised, thoughful and perfect for a copper wedding anniversary present.

8 Year Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

We prefer the term Ceramics here at SEED, and we have plenty of these. A whole category in fact!  One of our highlights is the precious works of Ali Tomlin as typified by this beautiful Blue Lines Single Stemmed Vase.

11 Year Wedding Anniversary: Steel

We have a collection of jewellery by one of our favourite artists, Beccy Gillatt. Beccy uses stainless steel as a base and combines it with contrasting precious metals such as silver and gold to produce startling pieces like this Crossing Lines Stainless Steel Pendant. What a perfect surprise for someone's silver wedding anniversary.

12 Year Wedding Anniversary: Silk

We've silk scarfs in abundance here at SEED, including the beautiful bold patterns by Margo Selby.

14 Year Wedding Anniversary: Ivory – Horn

This year traditionally would have been ivory, but obviously that is an absolute no-no. We have chosen to stay with the animal theme but instead chosen Abbeyhorn. Abbeyhorn products are a by-product of the meat industry and show off the natural beauty of horn, so each piece is utterly unique. We like the Horn Bead Stud Earrings as a stylish and unusual anniversary gift. [caption id="attachment_1386" align="alignleft" width="300"]Silver Spoons Silver Spoons for him and her[/caption]

25 Year Wedding Anniversary: Silver

We are proud to home some of the best silver jewellers in the country and we're confident that when you make it to 25 years we'll have something to celebrate the occasion. Our choice for a quirky but marvellous gift for a couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary is this Lord and Lady Silver Teaspoon Set from Ooh Shiny Stuff.

50 Year Wedding Anniversary: Gold

A truly amazing achievement to reach 50 years. We have a range of gold pieces in stock to help you commemorate this year. A classic gift for a Golden Anniversary couple would be this Matt Gold Lamp, elegant and illuminating.

60 Wear Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Wow, we would be more than happy to help you pick the perfect piece for this occasion. We have some delicate diamond pieces including a ring by the talented Maya Magal.