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Spooky Halloween Treats & Autumnal Atmospheres

Posted on October 24 2016

Spooky Halloween Treats & Autumnal Atmospheres
Friend Sid Dickens Block With Halloween just around the corner, here at SEED we've been seeking out all of our spookiest pieces or those that could be used to create the perfect Autumnal atmosphere this October.

Friend T385 Sid Dickens Memory Block

Bringing up images of stormy nights broken by crow calls and Edgar Allen Poes famous tale 'The Raven'. This memory block is the perfect homage to all things Halloween and the perfect gift for horror lovers or bird watchers alike! This range features many other Halloween Horn Tankard options for helping to create that perfect atmosphere. Visit our Sid Dickens department where you can view our entire range.

Horn Tankard

Expertly crafted by the skilled makers at Abbeyhorn, this tankard has been created using ethically sourced Ox horn and is sure to make any October banquet even more spectacular. Eagle eyed viewers may also have spotted these tankards in Game of Thrones.

Black Lily True Grace Candle True Grace Black Lily Candle

The garden at night and crushed lily petals create a heady, exotic atmosphere from this unusually scented candle. Blending violets, jasmine and bergamot you are sure to fall under this candle's spell. The midnight garden scents of Black Lily are not the only scents waiting to be experienced, how about the holt halls of a tiny chapel Halloween Frankenstein Earrings with the 'Sacristy' candle or the warming comfort of books and leather chairs with their 'Library' scent.

Frankenstein Lighting Bolt Earrings

From Literary Emporium, this pair of lightening bolt shaped earrings have been inspired by Mary Shelley's Halloween favourite and science fiction classic 'Frankenstein'. The perfect accessory to pair with your Halloween costume!