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Sid Dickens Fall 2015: The Kingdom Connection

Posted on October 12 2015

Sid Dickens Fall 2015: The Kingdom Connection

The exciting new Fall 2015 range from Sid Dickens is entitled The Kingdom Collection. It's both regal yet subdued and combines 8 new designs... Fortune T356 Currency T355 Wild One T354 Gentlemen T353 Everlasting Bloom T352 Crown of Daisies T351 Marigold T350 Joy For inspiration.

Sid Dickens digged deep into his subconscious and unearthed relics of a lost kingdom of the imagination. Sid has always been fascinated with history and a rich world full of mystery. The Kingdom Collection explores this far off place where both love and honour rule. This collection along with approximately 60 other designs including retired memory blocks are available at Seed. We are one of only a few UK stockists and offer a great selection of new, current and retired blocks. Please contact us on 01373 228 272 if we can help further.