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SEED Favourites: True Grace Scented Candles

Posted on September 15 2016

SEED Favourites: True Grace Scented Candles

True Grace, based in Wilshire near Somerset experts in all things fragranced. Here at SEED we stock a huge selection of True Grace's products, including hand cream and room diffusers, but it's their scented candles that we love the most. Here are some of the scents available

Floral Scented Candles

By far the largest range on offer, the floral scented candles are a rich bouquet of traditional scents and wildflower perfumes. Create a rich heady atmosphere with the Black Lily scented candle which features notes of bergamot, patchouli, vanilla and musk. Or you can bring the outside indoors with the Hyacinth, Garden Rose or Chamomile candles. From citrus notes to woody musks, the variety is huge.


Herb Scented Candles-

Still in a similar vein as the floral fragrances but perhaps a little more unusual are the herb scented candles. Let the clean notes of lemon and eucalyptus refresh you in the Natural Sage candle or reminisce of summer days with the Wild Mint scented candle which includes layers of vanilla and ginger. These are particularly wonderful to burn in the kitchen for a tasty, clean scent.

Unusual Scented Candles

True Grace have made a name for themselves in developing more unusual fragrances for candles, derived from environments, feelings and flavours, these candles are great for giving your home that signature scent. With notes of pine leaves, citrus and cedar-wood, the Sacristy candle will transport you to the stillness and beauty of ancient chapels whereas the seductive scents of lavender, myrrh and bergamot of the Amber scented candle will lead you into warm fragranced evenings. Library is a favourite in winter months, a warm scent with hints of wood and tar, it goes a cosy feel.

Fruit Scented Candles

Fruit scents can uplift your home and freshen an environment. The Grapefruit candle pairs the vibrant citrus scents with a musky violet for a balanced fragrance whereas best-selling Fig focuses on creating a velvety sweetness that isn't overpowering. You'll find a beautiful mix of these burning in the shop at all times.Visit our True Grace candle department.