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Seed Favourites: Handmade Unique Vases

Posted on September 19 2016

Seed Favourites: Handmade Unique Vases
Green Bottle Vase Holding flowers, utensils or just sitting pretty a good vase can quickly become a staple piece of home decor. Here are some of our favourite vases that we stock at SEED.

Green Bottle Vase by Lucy Burley

This design has a simple yet elegant feel. The green shade is vibrant and rich which can give a room that pop of colour that it's calling out for. The colour and smooth curves are reminiscent of retro Floral Vasepattern work and is perfect for displaying your prize flower.

Large Floral Vase by Vanessa Conyers

This large jug shaped vase is a striking centre piece for any table or mantle piece. Highly decorative, this piece works brilliantly on it's own but would also look amazing if filled with a spray of wildflowers. Although made from delicate Small Porcelain Vasepaper-clay, it is fully functional.

Small Porcelain Vase by Ali Tomlin

Great contemporary craftsmanship has been used to form this small porcelain vase with a spout. The minimal decoration is modern and clean, which when paired with the exposed, pure-white, porcelain feels refreshing.

Earthenware Vase by Selborne Pottery Earthenware Vase

Created using earthenware, this piece is robust and durable, perfect for use in the kitchen to store wooden spoons or other utensils. The hand painted decoration uses traditional colours and gives it classic appeal. As well as for more practical things, this would hold flowers equally well.

Metal Brass VaseMetal Vase

Although originally intended for drinking lassi, this Indian cup has been crafted from vintage brass and works perfectly as an unusual vase. The golden hues feel warm and reflect light in a charming way. Each cup also features hand etched decoration. This is just a small handful of the vases that we have on offer at SEED, with similar designs featured about as well. All have been handcrafted by UK based makers and often are one of designs. You can view all our vases here.