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How To Hang Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Posted on April 18 2017

How To Hang Sid Dickens Memory Blocks

Whether you have one or one hundred memory blocks, thinking about how to hang Sid Dickens memory blocks is often a conundrum! One of the best things about the memory blocks is that, unlike more traditional art works, they are interactive and moving displays around or adding in new designs can completely change the look of a collection.

With this in mind, here at SEED, we find that the best way to display our memory blocks is by inserting a screw into a wall and hanging the block on the screw via the aperture that is on the back of all Sid Dickens memory blocks. Provided that enough of the screw is exposed to hang things on (we recommend about 1.3cm) this is a secure and attractive way to display block, it also make rearranging displays or taking them down for a dust a breeze!

This method of hanging is the one recommended by Sid Dickens on his website and also the one favoured by many collectors. When choosing your spot to hang Sid Dickens memory blocks, it is also worth taking time to consider the conditions. Like most fine artworks, the memory blocks prefer to be in a climate controlled environment.

It is strongly recommended that you display your blocks away from direct sunlight or moisture and both these things can cause the blocks to discolour or fade. Finally, what shape will you pick? The most popular choice of shape to display memory blocks in is the square or rectangle, but there are dozens of other options! Below we've picked some of our favourite arrangements that we've spotted on the internet.

How to hang Sid Dickens

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