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How to Hang Artwork and Paintings on a Gallery Wall

Posted on March 30 2016

How to Hang Artwork and Paintings on a Gallery Wall

It's quite daunting when you look at a blank wall and beside it the paintings or photos you want to hang, so we thought we'd give you a few tips on hanging artworks on a gallery wall.

Be Prepared before you start

Edit the pieces you want to hang. Don't just hang pieces because you've got them, try and find somthing the pieces have in common, this will make it more visually pleasing at the end. If you're working in a small room, artwork on all walls can make the space more enclosed, so consider making a gallery wall on just one wall as a focal point.


Before you hang anything, begin by laying the pieces on the floor, move them around, play with the frames, colours, styles and shapes. Select a piece which will be the main focal point and build the wall around this. Make sure it is balanced so no piece is overbearing. There aren't many rules, but once you've moved things around, you'll find a combination that works best. Consider your environnment and asthetic, a modern minimalist room would need space whereas a property with Victorian features could work with more elaborate and detailed display. Consider your frames and whether they need changing, if they do invest in quality professional framing, it really can make all the difference and should highlight the work and never detract from it.

Time to start hanging

You'll need two people, one hanging and one looking from afar. Depending on your desired effect, if you're looking for a more organic arrangement, then position it by eye. If a grid is required you'll need a tape measure and pencil. You'll always need a spirit level! However, if like at Seed your walls and ceilings are wonky, you'll need to straighten the artwork by eye otherwise it'll look wonky even if the level says otherwise. Usually artwork is hung at eye level, typically (but not always the case) the centre of the piece is 5 foot up the wall. If however you're hanging a piece about a fireplace or couch, make sure it's central.If you're hanging an expensive or heavy piece, seek professional help or advice. Right and left Image above: Dulwich Picture Gallery