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Lets Celebrate Independent Friday & not Black Friday

Posted on November 22 2017

Lets Celebrate Independent Friday & not Black Friday

This year we are making a stance and not participating in Black Friday, instead we will be our bright and sparkly selves. Black Friday is scarily gaining momentum, sales increased 15% from 2015-16 to weekend sales of nearly £6bn.

Imagine for just a second what a difference that spend would make to our Independent retailers and smaller businesses. Firstly a lot more of the money would be kept in the UK economy, taxes paid on that income and many small businesses and makers would be supported. I love this quote that I've often seen "When you buy from a small local business you are not paying for a third vacation home for some CEO. You are paying for dance lessons, you are buying a school uniform. You are putting food on a family's table and sending someone to college. You are making someone's dream come true, someone you probably know."

Just a Card campaign encourages support for independent shops, galleries, artists and designers. As they say all sales, however small, even just a card are valued and vital. So instead of supporting Black Friday, they're campaigning for Independent Friday this weekend. A gallery owner once wrote to them telling them that if everyone who had complimented their gallery had bought just one card they'd still be open.This made me really sad, it's important to think about our purchases and where our money goes. We work with designers/makers every day and know the impact these sales have on their business.

We've watched people start with a hobby, working late into the evening and earning less than the minimum wage to leaving their full-time employment, taking on staff and thriving. Purchasing from these talented people you're supporting them and their families.

We have the most incredible community of independent businesses in Frome, support them, be proud of our amazing and unique town. Also take a look at it's a marketplace for lots of wonderful boutiques. In one shop online you could have bought from multiple independents, no excuse about time, it couldn't be easier! So lets celebrate INDEPENDENT FRIDAY and not Black Friday. Love from us all at SEED xx