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Bauble Dreams: Unique handmade Christmas decorations

Posted on November 14 2016

Bauble Dreams: Unique handmade Christmas decorations

We've really put on a bauble fiesta for you here at SEED this year! As well as our popular, classic, hand-blown glass baubles, this Christmas we've also stocked up on a variety of fun, novelty decorations and some incredible beaded creations from Tinker Tailor. Here are some of our favourites

Quirky Spotted Stag Decoration

This neon stag decoration is sure to turn heads when sitting pride of place upon your Christmas tree. His spotted pattern is fun and unique and the classic wreath around his neck keeps things festive. Of out more unusual decorations this year we also have a royal swan, some party dogs and a glittery polar bear!

Glitter Glass Bird Decoration

This small Christmas decoration is completely charming and is sure to look gorgeous nestled amongst the branches of a fir. Filled with glitter, these glass bird catch the light beautifully and add a delicate sparkle. Why not pair with its twin bird who is made from iridescent glass and features an etched snowflake design.

Vintage Style Glass Decorations

If your taste is for the more traditional we have a huge array of classic glass baubles also available for your Christmas tree. This vintage style bauble is available in several colour-ways including this stunning green. When in the light this decoration is really bought to life and the wraparound gold decal looks even more special.

Hand Embroidered Royal Crown Decoration

We can all agree the entire Tinker Tailor range is incredible and iconic. The meticulously crafted decorations have all been put together by hand and often feature 100sof tiny beads arranged to create stunning patterns. This decoration in particular will add a regal, luxurious feel to your decorations with it's plush royal purple fabric and several jewel type stones, perfect for reflecting the light. This range also include a glittering dragonfly, traditional rocking horse and delicate hearts.

To view more of the styles mentions or to browse our entire collection why not pop in for a visit, or you can visit our online Christmas bauble and decorations store here.