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Artist spotlight: Arthouse Meath

Posted on September 09 2017

Artist spotlight: Arthouse Meath

We'd love to tell you about arthouse meath - they are some of our favourite designers and their ranges of beautiful chocolates, soaps, brooches, cards, and gift-wrap are an absolute hit with our customers. We thought we'd take a little time to show some appreciation for this incredible company. Let us introduce you to Arthouse Meath. - They are collective of artists living with complex epilepsy and learning disabilities - all of whom require varying levels of support. - The artists work alongside instructors to create artworks, which are developed into designer products for sale. - All artwork derives from the skills each artist brings to the enterprise and every contribution holds real value.

We've had a little think about what we love about them and we believe it's the gorgeous synergy between their beautiful design, the philosophy, and the process of illustration into commercial print. Integrity and commercial success doesn't always sit so comfortably but we're happy to say Arthouse Meath exemplifies this. It's not just their motivation to challenge perceptions but it's the beauty of the artwork itself that acts as a potent reminder that joy comes from celebrating our community and art at it's best is inclusive and encourages us all to create.