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Artist of the Month: Joanna Allsop

Posted on October 01 2015

Artist of the Month: Joanna Allsop

Where are you based and does this inspire your work? I currently live on a farm near Bristol and my work is definitely inspired by the incredible countryside that surrounds me.

What are you working on right now? I'm currently busy launching the new cushion range, and will soon be working on a new collection. Thats always my favourite time as I get to spend weeks painting!

Joanna Alsopp

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer, I used to have sketch books filled with ideas and designs! My work hasn't strayed too far from this, but I now focus on the art itself rather than the design process.

Where's your favourite place in the world? Home is probably my favourite place. Whilst I love sunny beaches and visiting new places, nothing beats coming back to your own bed.

What's your career background? Before graduating from University I had already began to launch Joanna Allsop as a business. I was able to finish Uni and step straight into working for myself. It's been an exciting journey so far, and i'm looking forward to seeing where it will go next.

What are your ambitions? I don't have any specific ambitions, I simply strive to create beautiful pieces and evolve into a brand known for its quality and design.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists? Be patient, work hard and do your research. Good things come to those who wait!

Which three people (famous or otherwise) would you most like to invite to a dinner party? David Attenborough- It would be fascinating to listen to his adventures around the world and the wildlife he's encountered. Loni Jane Anthony (Vegan Guru)- She beams health and vitality and i'm sure she'd pass me on some of her incredible recipes. Will Smith- My chosen eye candy!

What makes you happy? Its the simple things in life that make me happy, good food, good company and feeling organised so I can enjoy those things without worrying!

Joanna Allsopp

What are you most proud of? All of the small accomplishments i've made along the way. Its been a big learning curve and i'm pleased i've taken the step towards my dream of working for myself.

Do you have a favourite artwork or sculpture? There aren't any pieces in particular that are my favourites. I'm naturally drawn to paintings, especially portraits.

Where's your favourite place to visit in the South West? There's a hillside walk near where I live, once you reach the top of the hill there's a break in the woodland exposing panoramic views of the fields and sea.

What life lessons have been most important? Learning that failure is ok, and sometimes you need to accept that things don't always work out. You learn from mistakes and grow as a person.

What is your favourite film? It would probably have to be my childhood favourite, Pocahontas!

What traits do you admire in others? I admire calm and compassionate people. Those who take the time to help others without reward.

What's your most important possession? My dog Moses, although he's a family member rather than a possession!

Where was your best holiday? A few years ago, my friends and I took a road trip to the south of France. We slept in our car in service station car parks, drove around l'arc de triomphe and eventually landed at a secluded cottage in rural France. We drank french beer and chilled in the pool all week!

How do you spend a typical weekend / Sunday? Sundays are a chilled day for me. I might do a couple of hours work in the morning, but then my day is filled with dog walks, Sunday lunches and films on the sofa with my partner and our dog. Heaven!