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Artist of the Month: Jane Scott

Posted on September 01 2015

Artist of the Month: Jane Scott

Jane Scott

Jane Johnson, what are you working on right now? All my British Craft Fair orders! Houses, animals, beach huts on plinths

What's your finest moment so far? One of my best moments was discovering I got a first class honors degree in ceramics.

What's your career background? No career, just stumbled upon ceramics when I randomly did an a level in the subject when I was in my 20's.

What are your ambitions? To live a fulfilled, content life doing something I love.

What advice do you have for aspiring artists? Go for it! If you love it you HAVE to do it, get good at it and then get paid well for it.

What makes you happy? Laughing with my daughter, walking the dog, sunshine and flowers.

What's your signature dish? / We're coming to yours for dinner. What are you going to make us? South African 'frickadelikies', boer beans, yellow rice and mrs. Balls chutney.

Jane Scott

What life lessons have been most important? To let go of blame and be utterly responsible for myself.

What is your favourite book? I don't know! Are artists born or made? Both.

Do you have a party trick? Not really but I can play my nose!

What are your indulgences? White wine and chocolate and lashings of creamy puddings.

How do you spend a typical weekend? / Sunday? Gardening, good food, check the studio/kiln, walk. Gosh I must be getting old...

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