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2016: A Year of Artists With SEED

Posted on December 05 2016

2016: A Year of Artists With SEED
What a year! 2016 seems to have flown by with nearly everything you could imagine happening. As well as the usual goings on, this year we've had the pleasure of interviewing and featuring a huge range of exciting makers and designers as our Artists of the Month. From stunning hand thrown ceramics in August to unique horn homeware and jewellery in March, this year has really had it all. So read on for out run down of the artists we've featured over 2016 and maybe you're find a new favourite!

Creatively Occupied 

Specialising in hand building techniques, press mould and throwing, Michelle Freemantle creates work that is tactile, unusual and completely beautiful. The colour palettes are striking and, when paired with the line work and textures, cry out to be touched. Not only visually pleasing, all of the Creatively Occupied pieces are completely functional. The perfect Creatively Occupied Dishbalance of utility and artistic invention. Read our interview here.

Abbeyhorn Abbeyhorn Keyring

Having been creating pieces since 1749, Abbeyhorn have a brilliant reputation for creating high quality and striking pieces of homeware and jewellery. No two pieces are the same and have been created from ethically sourced, renewable, natural materials. One of our favourite pieces in the range is the elegant horn handled cheese knife. Read our interview here.

Sheena Spacey Ceramics Sheena Spacey 

If you love narrative then Sheena Spacey is the artist for you. Creating intricate wood based sculpture, Sheena's pieces are little capsules of story telling. Miniature houses and gardens that sit perfectly on shelves, each on is handmade and carefully put together to ensure each on is unique. Read our interview here. 

Katie Leamon Katie Leamon Ampersand Print

Currently taking the stationary world by storm, Katie Leamon uses her talented designing eye to create bold foiled greetings cards, handprinted stationary and large graphic prints. All of Katie's products are proudly produced in England with special attention to detail and quality, often the envelopes are just as gorgeous as the cards! Recently Katie teamed up with her brother, fine artist and poet Tom Leamon on a range of extra special holographic cards, these two artists together is a magic pairing! Read our interview here. 

Rory Dobner Mug Rory Dobner

With an already iconic style, Rory Dobner has turned his illustrating talents to a range of products. His detailed ink line work can be found on mugs, trays, wall clocks and tea towels. His characters are full of life and humour and really add something special to the pieces they adorn. Rory found success early after graduating from Central Saint Martins but continues to create and expand his brand everyday. Read our interview here. 

Selborne Pottery Selborne Pottery Mug

With no machines or moulds in sight, everything that comes out of the Selborne Pottery studio has been crafted and decorated by hand. Although crafted in traditional techniques, Selborne Pottery is anything but old-fashioned and draws on contemporary culture for its bold colour palettes and patterns. With matching pieces available, this is a range that also looks great when mixed and matched. Read our interview here.

True Grace Sage True Grace

True Grace is the scent of SEED! We adore their room diffusers and candles, making sure to light one everyday in the shop to help create the perfect atmosphere. Using natural oils and fragrances, True Grace have created a range that is second to none, there really is a scent for everyone. From light and floral notes of Garden Rose right through to the heavier musky scents of their iconic Library candle, we are certain that you will find one you like! Read our interview here. 

Tom Pigeon Tom Pigeon Bangle

Kirsty and Pete Thomas are the designing duo behind Tom Pigeon. Working together as designers since 1990, this pair have really honed their shared skills and talents to create a brand that really reflected contemporary design. The simple and clean designs in their jewellery range make the pieces accessible but still unique enough to turn heads. The fantastic combination of metallics with matt bright shades of colour works incredibly well across the entire range which includes stud earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. Read our interview here.

Gemma Scully Bracelet Gemma Scully

Gemma is one of our favourite jewellers here at SEED. Each piece is entirely unique and has been meticulously crafted by hand. Primarily using silver, Gemma is often inspired by the chaos theory when designing, enjoying the reactionary process and always creating pieces that feel organic and incredible special. Read our interview here.  Next year we hope to continue featuring and promoting the excellent artists and creators that we work with here at SEED and introducing our followers to more wonderful pieces and designers every month! We'd love to hear who was your favourite this year, let us know in the comments!