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Ange Mullen-Bryan

'Blue Sky' Oil on Linen


'Blue Sky’ is a wonderfully striking painting full of vibrancy and light by Ange Mullen-Bryan.

Medium: Oil on Linen

Dimensions: 51 x 41 cm

Ange's paintings take their inspiration from the lakes, forests and skies of a vast Swedish landscape and a very particular Nordic light. This is where they begin like snapshots from a road trip or plotted points on a map.

A solitary hunting hide beside a forest road, thistly with dry branches, its spikes like a feathered nest. Solemn snowscapes have long shadows and fierce pink skies. Hot lupins, dark pines, dripping lakes and quiet fires. The distant echoes of the groaning, warping and thumping of a lake trapped under ice.

This is a land where the imagination runs away and the uncanny resides, where the real and imagined co-exist.

Ange is enticed by precarious boundaries, where land meets lake and light meets dark. In these unsteady places you are neither at risk nor safe but feel both at once.

She weaves threads of paint onto coloured linens and canvases and makes exaggerated, luminous, livid landscapes. Ange invites you to  escape into a kind of utopia, where you can smell freedom and pine in the air, a place I think she knows. Yet these paintings tell darker tales of tension, foreboding and longing, she dress's them up in the fabric and costume of colour and light.