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Suzy Fascht

'Tidying the Dicotyledon Beds, Chelsea Physic Garden'- Framed Watercolour



'Tidying the Diotyledon Beds, Chelsea Physic Garden' is a framed watercolour by Suzy Fasht.

Suzy Fasht was born in London and trained in painting at Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal Academy Schools graduating in 1998. She  has lived in South Devon for many years, currently based on the edge of Dartmoor. An elected member of the Royal Watercolour Society, her paintings have been exhibited around the UK including at The Royal Academy Summer exhibitions, The Sunday Times Watercolour competition, Lyn Painter Stainers prize and Discerning Eye. Pictures were recently licensed for the newly refurbished suites at London's Dorchester hotel on the theme of the English garden.

Suzy's paintings stem from the natural world and her rural location: her garden, nearby woods, moor and coastal paths.  Beginning from observation, the starting point is a springboard for exploring more formal aspects of painting: colour, composition and pattern.  Paintings are often allowed to drift into a more imagined approach.  Aware of the ever changing and short lived nature of her subject matter, the pictures are made with a deeply felt wistfullness for the inability to make still, the passing of time.  This is even more pronounced now, with the unpredictable and precarious climate changes, the visible effects of which are evident in rural areas, on farming, hedgerows and wildlife.


Signed by the artist

Dimensions; Painting; 41cm x40cm

Materials;  Watercolour on paper , glazed in a wooden frame