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The Almanac - A Seasonal Guide to 2024


'The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2024'
by Lia Leendertz

Reconnect with the seasons in Britain and Ireland with this month-by-month guide to the world around us, including tide tables, sunrise and moon phases, garden feasts, wildlife and folklore, seasonal recipes and more.

Divided into the 12 months, a set of tables each month gives it the feel and weight of a traditional almanac, providing practical information that gives access to the outdoors and the seasons, perfect for expeditions, meteor-spotting nights and beach holidays.

This year's edition focuses on the natural wonders of the garden, celebrating the beautiful flora and fauna at your doorstep. There are also features on each month's unique nature, plus a flower and a snack of the month.

You will find yourself referring to 
The Almanac all year long, revisiting it again and again, and looking forward to the next edition as the year draws to a close.

Number of pages: 288
Dimensions: 11.8 x 2.6 x 18 cm