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Brie Barnacle

'Red leaves' Framed Mono & Screen Print


'Red Leaves' is a  Mono and screen print by Brie Barnacle.

Framed in a simple black frame

Brie is an experimental printmaker who is intrigued by the beauty of liminal spaces within nature and an individuals subjective emotional response to nature.

She combines multiple print disciplines, such as silkscreen, monotype with hand pressed prints, etchings and collagraphs to create richly coloured, textural landscapes that allude to the contemplative nature of the outdoors.

Her process is experimental, intuitive and results in multi layered prints.

Textural printed elements made from packaging make up part of the landscape to try to capture the immersive quality of dense foliage. The occasional figure appears as a glimpse fleeting moment of childhood.

A feeling of nostalgia and exploration runs through her work.



print, 35 x 52 cm

In Frame, 53 x 70 x 2 cm


Paper, inks, Mount Card, 170gsm
Frame, Colour -Black , clear plastic