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Porridge/Dessert Spoons


Spoon A - Porridge Dessert Spoon in beech wood

Spoon B - Porridge Dessert Spoon in thorn wood

Spoon C - Porridge/Dessert Spoon in Cornish oak wood

Spoon D - Porridge/Dessert Spoon in Cornish oak wood

Spoon E - Porridge/Dessert Spoon in baked beech wood

Created in an outdoor workshop within local woodland in Somerset. All items are made from the beautiful woods that Phil finds and harvest. He focuses on celebrating his love of wood and the use of traditional hand tools, using just an axe and knives to produce many of my products.

It's very important that the pieces are sustainably and lovingly produced and that the items are made to last. Phil uses our beautiful native hardwoods for my work and spends a lot of time looking for character rich wood - enjoying foraging for wood on the beach or in the local hedgerows and woodland.

Dimensions - all approx, 14 x 4 x 3cm. scoop approx, 5 x 4 x 1cm