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Nicola Nemec

'Summer Shade' Framed Oil Painting


'Summer shade' is an oil painting by Nicola Nemec, framed in a white wood frame with glass.

Medium: Oil On Panel

Dimensions: 30 x 30cm

Nicola Nemec lives and works on the North Coast of Co. Antrim.

Born in Belfast in 1972, she has exhibited extensively across the UK and Ireland.

Her paintings convey an intimate knowledge and continual observation of, the shifting climate, light and atmosphere of the landscape in which she lives. She is interested in the contrast between the distinctive man-made and natural forms within her environment. The local harbours, bog lands, mountains and seascapes are recurring features in the work.

"Her practice involves exploring the physical qualities of her chosen media. The spontaneous nature of fluid paint is exploited for its ability to create form organically. Paint is often applied and partially removed achieving subtlety of tone and texture. Her process of painting allows her to revisit a specific ‘site’ or a ‘sense of place’, layering memories and paint to create depth akin to the layering of the landscape itself."           (Dr Susan Liggett. Head of the Media Art and Design Research Centre, Glyndwr University)