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Little Paper Factory

'Little Houses in Black and White' Paper Art


The pages of this book have been transformed into a beautiful piece of art.  A lovely print tray full of hand made paper houses.

Inspiration comes from a wide range of sources but primarily from the love of vintage or "collectable objects and the rich and varied architecture of Somerset. Repurposing things and giving them a new lease of life is incredibly satisfying and if those objects bring happiness to others then so much the better!"  Little Paper Factory create individual pieces of art using paper, found materials and recycled objects.

This form of paper art originated in Japan and is known as Kirigami. These individual pieces are then mounted in repurposed objects such as printer trays, wooden boxes or anything else 'vintage' that appeals. Even the paper is recycled and ranges from old sheet music or newsprint to maps. Everything is individually designed and handmade resulting in truly unique work.

Approx 29cm x 21cm x 3.5cm

Wood, Card and Paper