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Cotton Twist

Jumbo Watercolour Pencils Tin


Our jumbo watercolour pencils are a mess free alternative to paint, 100% plastic free, FSC registered, & CE compliant. Perfect for rainy days, art projects, travelling, or general day to day colouring & creativity. 

Each tin contains 10 jumbo pencils in rainbow colours, together with brown, black and white, along with a branded jumbo sharpener & paintbrush. 

For bold & bright colours, dip the pencil into water before use. For a watercolour effect, use a wet paintbrush to blend your colours. The instruction card enclosed provides details on mixing to provide additional colours. 

In a bid to banish plastic from our homes, Cotton Twist products are plastic free and lovingly assembled by hand.

Pencil tin measures 17.7cm x 7.3cm x 2.2cm
Each triangular jumbo pencil measures 9cm by 1cm diameter 

Wooden colouring pencils, metal tin.