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Five Piece Stacking Candle In Red and White

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A robust five piece stacking candle. This box contains one stack of three candles and two holders in different dimensions in red and white, perfect for christmas. 

These fun stacking candles encourage creativity and playfulness allowing you to design your own candle stack or tower depending on your mood or interior .

This stack is just the beginning, you can add to this, the addition of one new colour lets you create a completely different stack.


  • module 00: 40 mm X 95 mm
  • holder 01: 70 mm X 30 mm
  • module 02: 70 mm X 60 mm
  • module 06: 80 mm X 60 mm
  • holder 09: 100 mm X 30 mm

  • approx 80 hour burning time 


    Pure Cotton Wick & paraffin wax

    Candle Care
    - Never leave a burning candle unattended
    - Do not let candle burn all the way to the very bottom.
    - Take care to burn candle away from draughts and sources of heat
    - Trim the wick after each use to about 0.5cm
    - For an even burn, burn between 0.5-2 hours each time.