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Lindsey Mann

Anodised Aluminium Statement Necklace


This large statement necklace will bring and elegance and playfulness to your jewellery collection. Featuring long anodised aluminium "beads" adorned with a bold blue and yellow pattern. A slightly different pattern features on the reverse side so this necklace can be worn two ways. All strung together on a chain of hematite beads and a small yellow glass bead detail and oxidised silver flower.

Anodised aluminium provides a perfect canvas for colour and pattern, something which has become somewhat of a trademark for Lindsey’s jewellery.  The anodised aluminium undergoes an electro-chemical treatment during which millions of microscopic pores are created on the surface of the metal.  When colour is applied to the  metal, through the use of particular liquid inks and dyes, it is easily absorbed into the pores.  Once colouring is complete the pigments are sealed into the pores, through exposure to steam, to create a permanent and durable material with which to make jewellery.

Care: For all jewellery we recommend avoiding contact with water, particularly chlorinated water or any lotions and potions that may contain harsh chemicals. When not wearing keep in a protective box to avoid any knocks or scratches.
Please Note: The finishes on plated and oxidised jewellery will wear away over time.

"Bead" size, each approx, 6.5 x 1.5 cm
Chain, approx, 32 inches

Anodised Aluminium, hematite and glass beads, and oxidised silver