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Julija Pustovrh

Sandscape Oil Burner / Wax Melter


These ceramic oil burners are made from a mix of stoneware clay creating a beautiful marbled effect. Made in one piece from stoneware clay and left unglazed to preserve the natural colour of marbled clay and its texture.

The dip on the top is glazed on the inside to make it easier to clean the oils or wax.

All the items in this collection are made with mixed recycled clays and have a mix of Scottish sand from remote coasts in Scottish Islands and Highlands*.

10 x 9 cm
Volume at the top approx. 15ml


*Harris, Lewis, Skye, Orkney Islands, Shetlands, Islay, Sutherland, Inverness, Malaig, West coast, East coast, Aberdeenshire, Fife, Lothian, Holy Island, Edinburgh, North Berwick, Musselburgh, St Andrew's, and others.