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Vanessa Conyers

Vanessa Conyers studied ceramics at Bath Spa University, graduating in 2004 with first class honours. She is now based in Dorset where she creates distinctive, delicately wrapped ceramics with luxurious and vibrantly illustrated surfaces. Each piece is skilfully assembled from fine earthenware clay inscribed with vintage lace and fabrics. Layers of paint, mono-print, and glaze are embellished with enamel decals and lashings of gold lustre and mother of pearl, and each piece is fired at least four times to achieve its smooth iridescent finish.
Her work carries a sense of nostalgia, inviting the beholder into an Alice in Wonderland style world of the fantastic and the beautiful. The collections can be used (with an air of indulgent luxury), or simply treasured as heirlooms, admired for their quaint nostalgia and unique elegance.
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