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Astrig Akseralian

'With a Bark of Delight' Acrylic Painting, Framed


'With a Bark of Delight' is a framed acrylic painting by Astrig Askeralian.

Medium: Acrylic on board white frame

Dimensions: 62 x 45cm

Astrig's painting style has evolved gradually through experimenting with a huge variety of media. she love's to draw using different materials, from charcoal, to pastel, collage and paint. 

Astrig works in a series, mainly on wooden panels liking the tough surface which allows her to rework, scratching and sometimes sanding back the paint.

She builds up layers of acrylic paint, without having a definite plan of where it is heading. As the work progresses she slows down and begins to consider the composition, editing backwards and forwards until she feels happy with the balance. Colour has always excited her, the contrasts and the satisfying combinations. 

In her most recent work she has returned to pre-loved more personal themes. Figures and animals  appear in her landscapes and her work has taken on a more narrative quality.